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How Do I activate Parental Control on my Roku With sling TV and You tube

How Do I activate Parental Control on my Roku

Sling TV: Enable Parental Controls - Roku

Parental Control is the best option for lock your channels if you want to lock Sling TV channel then you have to follow some steps such as:

  • To setup, Parental Control goes to your setting page and select the Parental Control.
activate Parental Control

  • Now you can start to click the enable 
  • Then need to create a strong pin code
  • After then select all Locked content
  • Click the lock purchases
  • Now your channels successfully locked icon shows on the locked channels.
activate Parental Control

  • If you want to watch again these channels then you just enter the pin code and enjoy the content.
  • After entering your PIN you can start streaming.
  • If you forget you pin code then you just click the reminder to reset your pin

How to Set Parental Control to YouTube Videos

  • Fist you need to go you-tube home page
  • Click the sign in and log in to your you-tube account
  • Now you can back to the home page and scroll
  • Click on you-tube drop-down setting
  • Click on the safety button near you tube homepage button and the setting area will expand
  •  Click the on option
  • And click the Lock safety mode on this browser. 
  •  Click the “Save” button.
  • After clicking the save button the page reload automatically and you can see a banner on top of the page
  • Your Setting “successfully enable safety mode”
  • To lock the setting on logout your you-tube account
  • Now will not be possible to unlock the safety mode without login into your account
  • If you want to see again then you can scroll on page and click on the safety button
  • Choose your safety mode and enjoy

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