Tuesday, 23 May 2017

5 reasons why the Roku is the best Internet TV streaming box

Besides all the other ways of Internet streaming TV networks either be Hulu Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video; Roku.com/link has proved itself to be the best Internet Streaming TV Network.

Roku has become a device which is most preferable Internet TV device ;one would like to use in order to enjoy the internet TV shows and much more stuff on the internet.


Stated below are the five main reasons why Roku is the best Internet TV streaming Box.

1. Search: - The main reason of Roku being so famous and preferable for internet TV is its search function. Roku has the best search function as compared to its other competitors. An individual can easily conduct the search regarding the desired movies, TV shows or one can also search any actor’s or director’s work particularly. Presently the major Internet TV pique is when people don’t exactly know that which show is a part of which channel; so for this Roku.com/link support provide the best searching facilities.


2. Ease of use: - Earlier we couldn’t even think of linking our TV to the Internet. But with the devices like Roku have made the impossible thinking of people to exist possibly. Setting up a ROKU box carries an easy procedure, starting from firstly plugging it in, then linking it with the network, and finally login it to the channels. Completing these easy setup steps anyone can start enjoying internet TV shows on their ordinary TVs just by using the smart devices like ROKU.
As one’s TV is connected to the Roku device on can toggle between the channels either by using the supplied remote or by using the onscreen display which is the easiest way to view the shows and to navigate among them.

3.Support private TV channels: -Since many internet devices generally provide the specialized TV channels only. But Roku enables users to upload their “own” channels and TV streams that are not reviewed by the ROKU itself. TV viewers can search anything on these private channels.

4.Internet TV channel support: - Maximum TV streaming boxes generally support Netflix as it has been the most popular Internet TV channels. But Roku is the only device which supports more than 600 internet channels. Any channel named by the viewed is supported by Roku. ROKU supports different channels meeting different needs of the viewer. Each search  supports by an individual channel such as for horror, cult, fantasy movies there exists a channel named “Midnight Pulp”. For classic movies there be “Movies Vault” and for technology  there exists channel naming “Revision3” and much more likewise.

5.Price: - ROKU players are available at the most affordable prices. The range for these Roku players starts from $49.99 to the maximum of $99.99 ;for the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS respectively. The Roku LT model is the cheapest of all the models of Roku; but besides being the cheapest of all the models it is able to provide access to all the internet TV channels and also supports 720p HDTV.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How Do I activate Parental Control on my Roku With sling TV and You tube

How Do I activate Parental Control on my Roku

Sling TV: Enable Parental Controls - Roku

Parental Control is the best option for lock your channels if you want to lock Sling TV channel then you have to follow some steps such as:

  • To setup, Parental Control goes to your setting page and select the Parental Control.
activate Parental Control

  • Now you can start to click the enable 
  • Then need to create a strong pin code
  • After then select all Locked content
  • Click the lock purchases
  • Now your channels successfully locked icon shows on the locked channels.
activate Parental Control

  • If you want to watch again these channels then you just enter the pin code and enjoy the content.
  • After entering your PIN you can start streaming.
  • If you forget you pin code then you just click the reminder to reset your pin

How to Set Parental Control to YouTube Videos

  • Fist you need to go you-tube home page www.youtube.com
  • Click the sign in and log in to your you-tube account
  • Now you can back to the home page and scroll
  • Click on you-tube drop-down setting
  • Click on the safety button near you tube homepage button and the setting area will expand
  •  Click the on option
  • And click the Lock safety mode on this browser. 
  •  Click the “Save” button.
  • After clicking the save button the page reload automatically and you can see a banner on top of the page
  • Your Setting “successfully enable safety mode”
  • To lock the setting on logout your you-tube account
  • Now will not be possible to unlock the safety mode without login into your account
  • If you want to see again then you can scroll on page and click on the safety button
  • Choose your safety mode and enjoy

For more support of  activate Parental Control channels on Roku and how to activate Roku.com/link
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5 reasons why the Roku is the best Internet TV streaming box

Besides all the other ways of Internet streaming TV networks either be Hulu Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video; Roku.com/link has...